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Project Type

Theatre, Scotland, Collaboration, Devised


June 2023


Co-Creator / Writer

On Halloween 1968, Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (W.I.T.C.H.) was founded by a group of second wave feminists in New York. Reclaiming the persecuted symbol of the witch as a new symbol of solidarity they blazed brightly and briefly, getting some things wrong and some things right, not least hexing the stock exchange down a few points!

Scotland, 2023: a group of women are trying to figure out their place in the world and if they can possibly stop it from being so overwhelmingly terrible. When a half hearted summoning fails to help matters, they hit the town for a night out but something is stirring in the shadows, and who's that 17th century woman behind the bar? The WITCHes of the past are answering the call and they're not coming quietly.

Co-created by Louise Oliver and Shilpa T-Hyland, W.I.T.C.H uses the symbol of the witch and all the women of the past, charged with being troublesome, to ask what we do now? It's part protest rally, part gig-theatre, part Witches Sabbath and all one wild night out in Glasgow.

Producer - Robyn Jancovich Brown (Stories Untold Productions)

W.I.T.C.H. has previously received develop and support with the Lyth Arts Centre, Pitlochry Festival Theatre and through Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Make it Happen fund.

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