A creator of her own work, Louise has had 4  of her plays professionally produced and staged. 


First presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2005, "A Work in Progress" was Louise's first play.  Originating as final year project for her Theatre Studies degree from the University of Glasgow, Louise fleshed the piece out to a fully formed theatrical comedy in the style of The Reduced Shakespeare Company.  Condensing 3000 years of theatrical history into one hour, this irreverant and fast paced comedy was a tongue in cheek and loving send up of all things theatrical. 


"A great concept ... laden with pop references and approached in a fun and modern way ... well acted and personable ... flamboyant, diverting and frequently chaotic." - Three Weeks Magazine


A Work in Progress was listed in The Sunday Times as Critics Choice


How far is too far? In regard to the treatment and interrogation of suspected terrorists or criminals, is torture ever justified? Are these the actions of a society that is supposed to value human rights and fair treatment?


Drumhead was a site-specific theatre experience, part live presentation and part investigation: a social and political commentary on humanity’s relationship with itself. With particular focus on the ramifications of legalised torture methods, experimental performance workshops led the cast’s creative process as well as providing them with a real understanding of both the authority and victim.


The audience was removed from their comfort zone and presented with a piece of interactive theatre.  Reports, real case studies and events have informed the actors presentation of this challenging and controversial subject. A portion of Drumhead’s profit went to Amnesty International.


First presented in May 2010 in collaboration with the Tron Theatre as part of Mayfesto, their political theatre festival.


"Perhaps unsurprisingly, two of Mayfesto’s strongest productions have shown close links to Live Art : Cora Bisset’s monologue and RWP’sDrumhead both escape the traditional script and deliver a more dynamic presentation". - * * * * The Skinny


10 - 15 May 2010 at the Tron Theatre / Mayfesto Season



A journey from vaudeville to Hollywood stardom and, eventually, comedy legend.


"Waiting for Groucho" is an imagined conversation in which the Marx Brothers reminisce on their journey from two-bit vaudeville performers to Hollywood legends. A merry melange of mirth & mayhem.


In 1959 Groucho, Harpo & Chico Marx reunited to film the sitcom, "The Deputy Seraph". Two years later Chico died ending the 56 year reign of the Marx brothers as the most successful and well-loved entertainers of the 20th Century.


In 1961 Chico was the first of the Marx Brothers to die, bringing an end to a 56 year long career as the most famous comedy act in Hollywood.An abandoned sitcom, "The Deputy Seraph", was the final project that they would work on together but it would not be the last time they met.


Harpo and Chico are waiting for Groucho to arrive, he's late and they can't go on without him.


Originally staged at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then again for a sold-out run at Glasgow's Tron Theatre.  Playwright Louise Oliver explains:  ‘It’s about the life of the Marx brothers told from the point of view of the less famous brothers, Chico and Harpo, while they wait for Groucho to arrive for their last gig. As they’re waiting, they reminisce about their time from vaudeville to Hollywood and everything in between.’


"An affectionate and intelligent tribute to The Marx Brothers, Waiting For Groucho is played with panache and the kind of madcap style the brothers became famous for". - The Scotsman




What's just below the surface of things? Random thoughts about laundry, train-times and left over Chinese? Stinging thoughts about missed calls, missed opportunities and where to go from here? What about skin, hair, muscle and bone followed by lavender scented bubble bath and those annoying bits of pot-pourri left over from the always disappointing and inappropriately named bath bombs.


Get in the bath and strip it all away; the dirt in your head followed by the skin, muscle and bone. Strip it all away and cleanse your body and soul, submerge and re-surface - fresh, clean, enlightened. Submerge and find out what is just below the surface of things.


One man's inner monolgue as he relaxes in the bath before hitting the town. 


This one man show was created by commission from the Glasgay Festival to be part of their boutqiue programme during their 2008 festival.  It was created in collaoboration with Glasgow based actor, Alan McPartlan.