Warning: this page is written in the third person

(it's just easier that way)


Louise is an actor, writer, producer and podcaster.

She does about two and a half of these things as a legitimate living. 

Macbeth 2017, Photo by Kieran Howe
Macbeth 2017, Photo by Kieran Howe


Louise has been performing since she was knee high. She got her Masters Degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Glasgow and then went on to train in acting for theatre, film and television at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Well versed in the classics, she has played both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth (in separate productions, of course) and completed the Summer Course at Shakespeare's Globe in London. For most of 2019 she was a principal member of the cast of Jock Tamson's Bairns, a piece of immersive queer theatre that went on to win Most Innovative Immersive Production at the Scottish Enterprise Awards. Louise is equally comfortable on screen; she was nominated for Best Actress for her short film "Glitch" in the 2021 edition of Indie Short Fest L.A and joined the cast of Outlander in Season 4 as Prudence Forbes. Let it be known that Louise is also a frustrated musical theatre nerd who received vocal training in NYC from Broadway alum and vocal coach Leslie Giammanco. She will happily sing for her supper.

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Louise has been writing in some capacity since her early teens. Granted it was mostly fanfiction and angsty poetry in those years (she refers to that has her vampire period) but prolific nonetheless. Her exploration into writing for the stage began in earnest in 2005 at Glasgow University when she developed her final year project into an hour long comedy that ended up being performed at Glasgow's Tron Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe. Inspired by the relative success of that chaotic little production, she formed a theatre company that produced three more pieces of her own work. You can find out more about her work as a playwright here. In 2020 she decided to explore a long harboured desire to write for the screen. Her first short film, Glitch, written and produced under COVID conditions, got a flurry of recognition at some small film festivals, including winning Best SciFi at the Phoenix International Short Film Festival in Ontario. She then made it to the semi-finals of the 2020 Screencraft Virtual Pitch Competition with her current feature screenplay. At the beginning of 2021, Louise was thrilled to be selected as one of 12 Short Circuit Convergence Screenwriters - a BFI and Screen Scotland development programme. She is now beavering away on a number of different projects for screen and stage, all of which you can find out more about here



When someone tells Louise she can't do something, she loves nothing more than working very hard and proving them wrong. This tenacity has led her to starting theatre companies, launching podcasts and generally getting into mischief. Her journey into being an arts producer at a professional level began through a combination of wanting to make her own work her way and a genuine passion for developing talent. For four years Louise was the Participant Development Coordinator for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, where she helped hundreds of artists develop their careers, managed the Made in Scotland showcase and travelled all over the world as an ambassador for the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Louise is also the co-founder and producer of Persistent and Nasty; a podcast series and advocacy initiative that seeks to amplify the voices of women and other marginalised groups in theatre and film. More on that epic project here


During her time in NYC she co-founded The Blockheads Artist Collective, a small company presenting quirky plays with The Tank Theater in Times Square. Currently she is the Associate Producer for live arts production company Civil Disobedience, the Producer for the Paisley Book Festival and Performance Producer for the OneRen Arts Team. In the latter position she is developing a number of high profile theatre co-productions for presentation in 2022 and 2023. You can find Louise's full CV on her LinkedIn profile and if there's a project you'd like to talk her about then hit her up here